How Big Everything Is

In December myself and a friend decided to collaborate on a poetry journey together throughout the year of 2019.

Lewis Hart (the friend - yes, I know that name is far too perfect for a poet) began by writing a poem entitled ‘How Big Everything Is’. This title then became the stimulus for me to write a poem under the same name (which you can find underneath the picture gallery below). We then uploaded those two poems into a google drive, and thus...the journey began. Next, inspired by the two poems created, I chose a stimulus to be the title of our next two pieces, and on and on it will go.

We will continue on this journey; choosing a new stimulus and writing a new poem every Sunday, for the next 52 weeks of the year.

In total we hope to create 52 poems each. 104 poems in total. Each poem inspired by the poems that came before it, each linked, and yet equally independent. 104 poems that can stand alone, or next to their brother/sister poem under the same title.

So, for the next year, I will endeavour to upload extracts from each of my poems onto my instagram account, as well as this website. You can view them in the gallery below.

Lewis Hart has decided to keep his poetry for our eyes only, for now.

I share this content simply to share the creative process and the joy it brings. I find writing very cathartic and healing. And, hell, I even find it fun! Yehhhh not like dancing at a festival fun. But fun, all the same. If you like any of my poetry and want hard copies for yourself, then please email me. If you want to repost/share it, then feel free, but please credit me, since it is my work and my creativity. And I own those. Thanks for reading, folks! x

How Big Everything Is.

Consider this. What if it’s true?

That everything we do

is connected.

That there are more things that make us

the same

than there are that make us


That in order to stay alive

we breathe in oxygen

breathe out carbon dioxide

and that helps other things to survive.

What if my heart can beat in time with yours?

What if there was never tomorrow

or the moment before

and only


The rest ceasing to exist somehow.

What then?

What if to be


we first must

learn to trust

without conditions.

What if the Universe really did spontaneously combust

and we really are made of supernova stardust?

What if an all seeing being wanted to create something in their image

and they, God like, made us?

What if we are all spiritual human-beings?

What if Magic and Science are just the same thing?

The Cosmic and The Earthly working in collaboration

to keep us spinning

into creativity

keeping us grounded and close to divinity.

What then?

What if we invested a little less

into the concepts of the complex

and learnt to see the beauty in simplicity?

What if you chose to stay?

With me.

What then.

What if you spent a little less time worrying about how big everything is

and a little more time knowing that there’s nothing as simple as this: Love.

©️ Imogen H-C, 2018.


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