Mother Earth

Tuesday morning.

It’s true what they say.

Mother Earth really does have her own music.

See, I spent too long in the city scape where the sounds would fill my brain with noise

And my aching soul was pulled ever closer to the void.

You know that feeling?

That at any given moment you might just


Into the abyss?

And so I would fill


Fill my time with the word ‘busy’

Want to go for coffee?

I’m really busy at the moment.

Fancy a trip home?

I’m just so busy right now

We should hang out?

Ohhhh I’m a bit busy.

I need a friend

I’m sorry, I’m just in the middle of busy right now.

Are you ok?

Yeh, I’m just a bit busy

I’m not ok

You just need to get busy

I miss you

I’m busy

I need you

I’m busy

I want you

I’m busy

I love you.


I’m busy.

And now on Tuesday Morning

I am wrapped in the cuddle of a sea side cliff

And I peer at the weeping daffodils who seems so disappointed by spring.

And I tell them to listen.

The birds still sing.

The wind still whispers.

The brook still babbles.

Mother Earth is playing you her music.

Even after everything we have done to Her.

Mother Earth still plays us her music.

So next time you hear yourself say

I’m too busy.

As you run clutching yourself

As you try to hold yourself in.

Stop. And listen.

Mother Earth is playing you her music.

©️ Imogen H-C, 2018.

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